Philosophical Thoughts Of A Layperson

By Roger E. E. Barki
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About the Book

Have you ever approached a complete stranger to engage him or her in conversation? If so, did you find it uncomfortable? Or were you able to establish a new friendship? Roger E. E. Barki set out to explore some of the more complex topics of philosophy by soliciting the opinions of a wide range of people. To do so, Barki would approach individuals or small groups dining at a restaurant and ask if he could join their table and discussion. His book, Philosophical Thoughts of a Layperson, is a sampling of his conversations, which cover a wide range of topics, including astrology, ethics, faith, happiness, logic, peace, and sustainability. Along the way, he becomes good friends with artists, scientists, and other professionals. He gains their unique perspective and ponders their opinions as a layperson who, like a child, questions even the most obvious issues and focuses on unexpected angles in his quest for truth.

About the Author

Born in France and raised in Egypt, Roger E. E. Barki is now a naturalized citizen of Brazil. He has lived in Sao Paulo for over fifty years, and he is the owner of a language school. Roger and his wife, Mireille, have three children: Josy, Lisa, and Edgard. In his spare time, Roger enjoys tennis, chess, and volunteer work with teenagers who are looking to enter the business market. He is the author of other published works: Guia Completo do Funcionamento de uma Empresa and Como Dirigir uma Empresa.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 68