Peter Rabbit And Friends: Book 1

By Sharon Shaheed
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Tales of Peter Rabbit and Friends Book One is the first volume of the classic series that has become one of the most popular vibrant, fun and family stories of all time. Lil Pete, short for Peter, is an adventurous young rabbit that embarks on an extraordinary journey in his hometown Willow Tree Meadow, which involves himself, his family, friends, an evil rat named Rat McCade, and much more.

Young readers will have a more delightful reading experience if they listen to the Music Tales Audiotapes that help expand their reading comprehension and listening skills with its lively music and words taken from the Music Tales Piano Method Book 1.

About the Author

Sharon Shaheed is the CEO, Founder, and President of Piano Play Music Systems in Southern California. She has a Bachelor’s in Music and a Master’s in Piano Performance. With her 33-year-old track record as a music educator and songwriter, Ms. Shaheed has dedicated her life to teaching music to children. She has written a series of music books, songs and develop software to encourage and inspire young children to have a desire to learn music.

“Peter and Friends” are based on songs from the Music Tales Book series written by Ms. Shaheed. Ms. Shaheed wrote the music and stories to help students understand and enjoy their songs more. Every story and song’s purpose is to help build students’ confidence, develop positive self-awareness, and encourage them to dream bigger.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 64