People’S Research: Or How To Write A 12-Page Scholarly Research Essay In 3 Hours: A Primer

By Alexander Lynn
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People’s Research is for high school and college students who are suffering from the effects of an educational system that has succumbed to the profit motive and is subjecting students to the dictates of profit over learning. The immediate goal is to arm students with the skills to pass through draconian dictates of the Academe in regard to research, which is produced as a means to benefit giant, multinational corporations. The long-term goal is to attract students to the People’s Movement as it addresses the decrepit educational system of the United States and seeks to return education to the people.

Any student seeking to get through the system quickly while juggling all the other aspects of their lives while also wishing to change the current structure will find People’s Research to be insightful, helpful, and inspiring.

About the Author

Alexander Lynn is the executive director of Social Justice Education. He has been teaching, monitoring, developing, and directing programs for youth, adult, and second language learners in Boston’s communities for thirty-five years. He holds advanced degrees in education (Northeastern) and counseling (University of Massachusetts). A devotee of Liberation Pedagogy, Lynn has used literacy as a social power of the most oppressed, in the tradition of social change educators such as Septima Clark and Amilcar Cabral. Formerly a professor of social research at UMass/Boston and in the community building concentration at Cambridge’s School of Human Services, he has directed SJE since 2007. His soon-to-be-published The Community Teacher’s Guide to Liberation Pedagogy is a practical source book of Popular Education.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 148