Penny's World

By Jacinda Ann Downing
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Topper and Penny are two young siblings that are growing up fast. Now in fourth and fifth grade, they love their family and friends and all the laughter and entertainment that comes with them. Even though they are very different and act like normal children, they show that love comes from all the interactions they have together, not just unique events like sibling squabbles. They interact with each other and their friends and family like real children, with a child’s understanding and knowledge, that any reader can relate to their own experience as a child.

About the Author

Jacinda Ann Downing has worked as an Early Childhood educator for over twenty years. She believes this is a God-given gift that she certainly does not take for granted. She has one daughter and two sons. Her hobbies include reading, writing, working out, weekend getaway, playing and watching sports, and window shopping. Downing also attends church regularly for spiritual growth and fellowship, has an active prayer life, and most of all enjoys helping others. She is very family-oriented and believes that a strong family is developed through prayer, love, gatherings, and communication.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 188