Passports, Classrooms, & Jobmarkets: Growth Planning Strategies For Student Success

By Anthony M. Baird, Ed.D.; Irene Irudayam, Ed.D.; & Patricio V. Jorge, Ed.D.
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PassPORTS, ClassROOMS, & JobMARKETS :Growth Planning Strategies for Student Success

“In today’s knowledge economy, intellectual currency is getting transferred from one country to another and the physical boundaries are not hindrance anymore when compared to the situation three decades back. No wonder, universities in United States are attracting students from all over the world. Two primary reasons of such attraction are (i) quality of education provided by educational institutions in United States is very high, and (ii) the return of investment on education is phenomenally high. Despite growing influx of students from various countries, little is known about the whole process of educational system and the way in which inputs are transformed into outputs to various students. In general, they learn on their own following the concept of learning while doing.

“At this juncture, this book is written with the purpose of providing students and public about what is containing in the ‘black box’… a sequence [of] the entire process of what students need to know from the beginning of entering United States until they get out of the universities to get employed.”

Dr. Satya Parayitam, PhD

About the Authors

Anthony M. Baird, Ed.D. is Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion/Chief Diversity Officer at Utica College. After 26 years, Dr. Baird retired Director of Corporate Programs Development and Career Management/Coaching from UMass Dartmouth, Charlton College of Business. He earned his doctorate of Higher Education Leadership from Johnson and Wales University. He also holds a Master of Education degree in Counseling/Psychology from Bridgewater State University, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology/Sociology from Utica College. He scales over thirty years of academic excellence and professional experience to advantage higher education institutions, employers, and students alike. He encourages these three stakeholders to focus on the return on students’ human capital investment by clarifying how students learn what they know, and what they know to do during and after college. An entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Dr. Baird is CEO and Principal Consultant of IAM~ Eppic Enterprises, LLC, an education, personal, professional, and inspirational coaching enterprise. His I.A.M-EPPIC paradigm facilitates Understanding, Support, and Empowerment of citizens to construct their success and achieve their goals.

Irene Irudayam, Ed.D. serves as Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research and Assessment at Anna Maria College. Her expertise is in Data Analytics and Educational Assessment. She began her academic career at the University of Akron as a Research Assistant. Dr. Irudayam earned her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Johnson & Wales University; she earned both a MS in Geographic Information Science (GIS), and a MS in Education, from the University of Akron, and a BS in Commerce, from University of Madras. Dr. Irudayam’ s research is focused on International students and their satisfaction with support services offered by institutions of higher learning. Dr. Irudayam interest is in helping international students succeed in college and transition into the twenty-first century workforce and the role institutional support services play in a student's experience in the United States.

Patricio V. Jorge, Ed.D. is a Professor of Economics, teaching both Principle of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics at Bristol Community College (BCC), Fall River, Massachusetts. At BCC Dr. Jorge works for Division II – Behavioral and Social Department and Education for the past ten years. He also worked for one year at BCC as the Coordinator for the Diversity Nursing Scholar Program, where he Supported the relationship with University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and community grant partners by facilitating open channels of communication with partners, students, faculty, staff, and other departments. Dr. Jorge is an active member of the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) and the Massachusetts Community College Council (MCCC) for the past ten years. Dr. Jorge earned his diploma with a major in Accounting from the Middle Institute of Economy in Luanda, Angola, his associate degree in Business Administration (AA) from Bristol Community College, his Bachelor of Science - Human Resources Management (BS) from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, he earned his Master of Business Administration – Global Organizational Leadership (MBA) and his doctorate degree in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. Dr. Jorge interest is in promoting higher level of engagement between faculty and students in Higher Education Institutions in the United States, which can help motivate students to high academic and professional achievement.

Published: 2005
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