Pandemic 3.0

By  T. J. Andrews
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Set in the fast-moving metropolis of modern Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Pandemic 3.0 is based on the premise that a group of billionaires, calling themselves Echelon, created the Coronavirus in order to bring the world to the verge of collapse in order to create a new society that lines up with a set of ideals that they have created. They have spent thirty years researching, developing and planning this attack and the time has finally come. Echelon has hired Yurgheni Petrov, one of the world’s most mysterious and sought after assassins, to carry out the mission. He is a master of disguises with the ability to hide in plain sight. Nearly nothing is known about him and only one person has ever seen his true identity. That man is Tyler Hatch. Tyler Hatch is an ex-Navy Seal working for a top secret government agency known as the Copper Canyon Group. When they receive intel that reports Petrov entering Canada, Hatch is given the task of finding out what he is doing and where he is at. The ensuing chase takes Hatch halfway around the world while uncovering a plan that is beyond anything the world has ever seen.

About the Author

T. J. Andrews is from a very small community of around 400 people. Everyone knows everyone and is always there to help each other. That's kind of how community involvement works around there like a modern day Mayberry. Hunter is married and has a 7-year-old son. Both of which are the reasons for throwing some of the books he has written out there. Nothing means more to him than his family and securing a future for them if something should ever happen to him. As far as hobbies go, Hunter has a few. Reading and writing of course. Besides that, he enjoys woodworking, home brewing and nearly anything outdoors. There is not a more perfect day than hiking, kayaking and fishing with his son. He never made it further than high school but he has always been interested in so many things, which has fueled his obsession with reading. He has an incredible passion for learning. Hunter also has an overactive imagination that fuels the stories that he writes. He tries to combine all of the things that he has learned with the scenarios that his mind conjures up to create imaginative but believable stories and blend them in with the screwed up shape this world is in. Dale Hunter truly hopes that anyone who reads his book enjoys it.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 314