Paint A Picture

By Lilia Pulido Fernandez
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About the Book

Eleven-year-old Joe wishes he lived a happier life with his parents. He notices his neighbors, Mary and Jessie, always having fun with their parents living a happy and prosperous life. One day, Joe finds courage to ask Mary and Jessie what the secret to a happy life is.

As an educator, author Lilia Pulido Fernandez noticed that many children lack life motivation and are caught up in a routine at a very young age. She wrote this book to remind them that their imagination is their most powerful tool and that painting a picture of what they want will make their dreams for a happy life come true.

This is exactly what happened to Joe once he started to paint a picture

of how he desired his life to be. This can happen to you too, only if you


About the Author

Lilia Pulido Fernandez has lived in her little town of Delhi, California for forty-one years, and this is her twenty-fourth year of teaching in an elementary school there. Lilia has taught kindergarten and first grade, and she is currently teaching fifth grade. Not only does she enjoy teaching students, but also

motivating them to understand that they are special and that they have a purpose in life.

Lilia Pulido Fernandez is happily married and has four wonderful daughters. As a family, they enjoy playing board games, watching movies, and traveling. In her spare time Lilia likes to read personal development books.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 30