Our Hearts Beat The Same

By Lindsay Wheland
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Our Hearts Beat the Same is a heartfelt story based upon a real student that Lindsay Wheland, MS, taught when she was an elementary teacher at Mayfield Elementary School. This story brings to life a child with autism who was mainstreamed into a first-grade classroom. It highlights his (and his family’s) struggles to be accepted and understood. This child taught Lindsay a huge lesson about acceptance and tolerance. It also demonstrates how all children are different and special in their own way and deserve the chance to shine in their environment. Another important lesson this book offers is how all children can develop understanding and acceptance if fostered by adults in their environment. It is meant to teach children how to love others and see past the physical and/or mental disabilities.

About the Author

Lindsay Wheland spent her life in education. Her passion is helping children to become the most well-rounded individuals they can. She spent 19 years as an elementary educator in grades K-3. She was an assistant principal for 2 years and an elementary principal for 3 years. Her current position is a school improvement coordinator helping at-risk schools to improve student achievement.

Lindsay has 2 amazing children: Peyton Lynn (female), 9th grader; and Tye Patrick (male), 6th grader. These two wonderful humans have taught her so much about life, diversity, and the pursuit of happiness. Lindsay also enjoys writing, spending time with her family, and many outdoor activities. She dreams of a world of acceptance where children can feel comfortable in their own skin, while seeking opportunities for growth and success!

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 44