Orphans: An Adventure Filled With Intrigue And Courage

By Nancy Jasin Ensley
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Two orphaned kids, Charlie and Will, and Wills dog, Casey, scour the country in desperate attempt to find the two boys missing parents.

The seemingly similar circumstances they find themselves in eventually call each ones attention to the existence of the other. Working together, the three start to unravel the sinister working of international terrorist cells behind their parents disappearance, and the unerring realization that they are irrresistibly more involved in it than they could understand at any moment.

Just as the terrorists sit smiling smugly behind their planning rooms, convinced that they have finally unlocked the key to the final destruction of the hated infidels, the orphans, armed with the power of resilience and resourcefulness, just may be the last human force that stands in their way.

About the Author

Nancy Jacin Ensley originally came from New Jersey but now lives in Michigan. She has been happily married with three grown children and is currently employed as RN Case Manager at ProMedica Toledo Hospital. This book is her second published material.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 204