One Year In The Life Of A Dog

By LTC Clifton H. Deringer Jr. USA (Ret.) Tip
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About the Book

One Year in the Life of a Dog follows the story of Friend, a dog that can hear the thoughts of humans and respond telepathically. There are humans who are gifted with understanding the telepathy in animals and a university student who interviews Friend is blessed with such a gift.

The book follows their interactions and various events that occur within their world. Intrigue, deception, kidnapping, and prejudice are woven seamlessly with love, understanding, sympathy, and acceptance. Barney and Jeff, Friends owners, are a homosexual, bi-racial couple. Seeing their lives from Friends point of view speaks on many levels to how ridiculous and outdated prejudice is. Barney and Jeff are just as loving and fulfilled as any other happy couple. Many of the characters with whom Friend interacts are not open to the couples way of life, but quickly realize their mistake when they see how lovely Barney and Jeff truly are.

There are harrowing situations that breed a deeper understanding of the differences between people; this book is truly a tool to teach readers to love all, despite the different ways the characters live their lives.

About the Author

LTC Clifton H. Deringer Jr. USA (Ret.) Tip is a retired Army Officer who has a passion for writing. He is a loving father of three grown children and loving grandfather of 13 grandchildren. Deringer is no stranger to tragedy; his first wife passed away all too early in their marriage. He is now married to his high school sweetheart; they were lucky enough to find each other later in life and have built a happy relationship, despite her turning down his first marriage proposal 47 years previously.

Deringer created this fictional story to focus on problems and solutions: the story touches on many issues that are pertinent in todays society. One Year in the Life of a Dog is Deringers second published work.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 106