One Passion

By Teresa Matvejs
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Grab a ringside seat and swing into the age-old tradition of a traveling circus! Follow the tale of aerialist and animal trainer Rose Vitkovskis and her colorful cohorts as they laugh, cry and entertain their way through small towns in the Australian outback.

Rose has one passion: the circus. She enjoys living communally with her extended family of clowns, acrobats and trained animals such as Spam the Monkey, Hoover the Pig and Bullets the Parrot. A mother of five and caretaker of a senile husband, Rose dreads the idea of living in the outside world, even when the big top begins to crumble around her.

Seeking to escape from her struggles with a merciless boss, Rose enters a fantasy world, pining for her secret love and writing about her adventures and her friends antics from wherever her caravan is parked for the night.

A big storm brings about change that Rose will have to muster the courage to endure. Can Rose survive without the circus? Can the circus survive without her?

About the Author

Teresa B. Matvejs is a former circus performer and animal trainer studying for a bachelors degree in film and television at Bond University in Australia. A native of England, she lives in Beenleigh, Queensland and is the mother of five children. She enjoys calligraphy and horse riding.

At the age of forty-five, Teresa still performs her circus tricks daily (including her neck spin) on her apparatus, which she has suspended from an old tree in her back garden, though these days her audience consists of possums, lizards, fruit bats, and tree frogs. Having persevered through the challenges of circus life, she now feels at one with the earth, elements, and universe.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 316