On A Wire

By Dianne Elizabeth Butler
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About the Book

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Ah, nature! The smell of the flowers, the soil and its vegetation, the woods in the forest. As you trek down near the sea, you can feel the cold breeze, the waves at your feet, and the glowing sunshine above the horizon spawning different hues. Somehow these reflect our emotions, our memories, and life as a whole. There may be a beginning and end to everything while seasons change, but somehow there is an eternity and freedom echoing through the winds and gushing amongst the tides.

These sceneries are vividly captured in each poem in the book On a Wire, where Dianne Elizabeth Butler, like a bird on a wire, observes everything that has happened in her life from her childhood to adulthoodthe happy, the sad, the frightening, the yearning. There is also a period when she contemplates things as she grows older, pondering over the mistakes and vulnerability against an ever-changing world.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 46