Old Love, New Life

By Ruth Hays
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Jeanette, a widow, has come back to her hometown of Queen City, Missouri, to visit her sisters family and mother. While chaperoning her niece Janie at the annual Corn and Stalk Show, she unexpectedly stumbles into her high school sweetheart, the man whose marriage proposal she refused so long ago. Dan, a mechanic and business owner, has taken no interest in women since the day his wife walked out on him and their young son. Dans indifference changes, however, when he hears that a strong-willed, redheaded woman from his past is in town. Neither Dan nor Jeanette expected to find each other again, especially after all those years, and neither expected to find romance again, especially at their ages. But despite the obstacles that block the way to their happiness, both Dan and Jeanette are compelled to find out: Is there a stature of limitations on love?

About the Author

Ruth Hays is a native of Missouri. Semi-retired, she enjoys travel, music, and helping the underprivileged. She is a charter member of the Glenwood Garden Club and has been a member of both the Rebecca Lodge and Royal Neighbor Lodge for over fifty years.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 102