Oh - To Be A Teacher

By Viggo Pete Hansen
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The World’s Greatest Profession

Viggo Pete Hansen has been a lifelong educator. He has experienced many changes in curricula and class management styles—globally, working with educators in twenty nations. Today the demand for internationally qualified teachers, at all levels, is growing exponentially.

Teaching is an ancient profession essential for human survival. Teacher preparation and ongoing support is now more challenging due to; new content, instructional technology, presentations that must address a myriad of languages, cultural backgrounds, and financial inequalities.

Hansen suggests that today character education might be more important than simple content mastery. As a profession, teaching is under stress from students, parents, bureaucracies and commercial greed. “Teachers” is written in a conversational, engaging and humorous manner while being a powerful reminder that education is essential for humankind’s long term survival.

About the Author

Viggo Pete Hansen was born to homesteading Danish-speaking immigrants on the dusty plains of Plentywood, Montana. During the depression his family moved to Askov, MN. He was educated in Askov, Des Moines, IA and the University of Minnesota. He served as an Air Force nuclear weapons officer during Korean conflict.

From his first moments in the classroom teaching algebra he was exhilarated and hooked. He spent his career; teaching math/science/education courses, assisting student teachers, directing graduate courses, locally and in International schools. He is currently an emeritus professor and administrator from Cal State, Northridge, CA.

Hansen’s passion for teaching is based on years in classrooms and knowing from military experience how truly fragile human survival has become. Teaching is the premiere profession that can lead to a happy, long and rewarding life for everyone. But educators can’t do it alone.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 120