Odes Of Love

By Gopal Vishwanath
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Odes of Love

LOVE is a very powerful emotion, and the role of women in this magic word is an undeniable truth.

With Odes of Love, Gopal Vishwanath seeks to illuminate the paths of all those who have come under the spell of Lovebut are now stumbling/groping in the darkness of misunderstanding, dying passions, and strained relationships.

With these beautifully crafted odes about the puissant roles women play and the exquisite moments they create in this most profound emotionan emotion which all of humanity experience at some point in their lifetimeGopal hopes to regenerate lost loves, or, at least, make the lovers cast fresh eyes on an ongoing relationship.

About the Author:

Gopal Vishwanath, or GV as he is commonly known, is a marine chief engineer on large size container vessels sailing around the globe. Talk about his marriage, and with a twinkle in his eyes, he replies, I am married to the sea. He adores his family and says the poems are a natural outburst of his great regard for women in general and his deep feelings for his family in particular.

Gods greatest creation is how he describes women on Planet Earth. When quizzed on his LOVE, he states with great emphasis, I owe my existence to HER.

Published: 2016
Page Count: 128