By Lynn Palmer
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My Greek protector became “My Love.” I know what love is now. Love is “I choose him, he has my heart, and I have his heart.” The first time he said that to me was on Mannar. It was as if the planet stopped. My breath went in and came back out so slowly. Everything changed in that moment—I felt it. We did go through a period of adjustment where I had to yell at him a lot, but that was then, this is now, and I have never been happier on this Earth!

But I still ask myself one question: How can we be going into an enlightened transformational period when the Vatican is allowed to ritualistically murder our children, our future?

Odd-I-Sea: The Lightest of the Light, the Darkest of the Dark is the result of promises made to a man in a dream and to author Lynn Palmer. Light, warmth, and beauty are easy to share. Sharing and embracing the dark is not as comfortable. Only by being aware of the truth can we bring the light of change.

The point of this story is to stop the ritualistic murder of children who visit Gozo and their parents!

About the Author

 Lynn Palmer has been a Reiki Master since 1998. Reiki energy comes through her. She likens it to being a faucet. The energy appropriate for the person comes through to them.

This book came through her in that manner. Palmer’s memory was crystal clear – as if this experience had written itself on her heart and soul. It is the lightest of the light and the darkest of the dark.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 70