O.J. Simpson, The Killer

By Cheryl Kane, co-author Detective James M. Pembroke
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About the Book

On June 12, 1994, the most heinous of murders was committed. Two innocent victims, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, were viciously killed in Los Angeles, California. Yet, despite the overwhelming physical evidence and a clear motive, the killer was never convicted of these crimes.

Relive the terrifying last moments of Ms. Simpson and Mr. Goldman as the truth finally comes out. Learn about key moments in the trial that all leaned toward justice being served and explore the evidence that clearly points a finger at one individual: O.J. Simpson.

About the Author

Detective James M. Pembroke worked for the LAPD from 1971 and 1974 before working as a detective for the University of California, Los Angeles Police Department. An innovative detective, Pembroke created and implemented the rape prevention escort service, a successful program designed to eliminate the fear in young women on campus. While serving as an officer in the LAPD, he participated in a plan to restructure the LAPD.

Due to impressive history and experience, Pembroke was able to complete detailed analysis of the O.J. Simpson homicides. By televised video tape and numerous visits to the crime scene of the entire trial, he was able to construct a minute by minute account of the most unforgettable double homicide in recent history.

Cheryl Kane is a writer and businesswoman. A graduate of UCLA, high honors, with a degree in US history, she believes the collaboration with Pembroke on the Simpson murders is more timely than ever. With racial tensions, and a new hostility to men and women who wear the police officer uniform an excuse for every kind of violence.

Kane lives in Beverly Hills, California, with her much loved Tibetan Mastiffs.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 336