By David Nash
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The Adventure Begins

Ever since Nikko was a small cub, his family had one set of rules that could never be broken: don’t leave the meadow and don’t cross the stream. But one day while giving chase to a playful rabbit, the temptation becomes too great, and Nikki crosses the stream, ready for adventure. What happens when he becomes separated from his family? How will he get home?

Nikko: The Adventure Begins is more than just a fun adventure tale. It’s a story full of valuable lessons for today’s youngsters, ranging from the importance of following the rules to how our actions affect the lives of those around us. Children and adults alike will love this heartwarming, coming-of-age tale.

About the Author

David Nash is the pen name of Christopher E. Ferguson. He is an average, blue-collar man blessed by our Creator with the gifts of words, a grand imagination, and a desire to entertain and capture the imaginations of others. After a lifetime of hard work, he is finally fulfilling his dream of becoming a published author. He encourages everyone to follow their dreams and gives the following advice: Nourish your own dream - Never give up, pursue it to fulfillment, nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself!!

Published: 2019
Page Count: 58