Next Step: The Universe

By Samuel Sharp
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Next Step: The Universe is about the origin and use of power in our lives, and how to reduce or eliminate pain and suffering that most of us live with and accept as “normal.” The abundant life is an experience that is available to all that begins with getting in touch with our inner self and experiencing the source of our power and finding out who we are.

This is also a book about a philosophy of life that frees you from the past and focuses on the present through a strong awareness of our spiritual nature. As we gain new awareness of the infinite and eternal nature of our spirit, we are free to experience our world irrespective of wealth, prestige, or the status quo of society.

Combining the knowledge contained in ancient teachings such as the Tao Te Ching with modern philosophies and religion, along with very early life experiences, Samuel Sharp guides us to gain a new understanding of who we are and our role in the universe by experiencing the body of God.

About the Author

Samuel Sharp currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida. At an early age of seventeen, he joined the army in 1968 and spent a year in Viet Nam. His own difficult childhood and war experiences uniquely qualify him to help others to recover their lives and tear down the walls built of fear and guilt that limit their experiences in life.

Sharp has degrees in pre-med, Bachelor of Science degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering, Master's degree in chemical engineering plus doctorate work. Sharp is published in technical journals and government publications. He is an artist and pursues writing apart from his technical background.

Sharp has two beautiful daughters and several grandchildren. His daughters are doctors and work to help others.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 96