New Realities Of The Twenty-First Century, Part 1

By Prophet Wildman
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About the Book

The psychic/parapsychic experience in the supernatural is one that is not readily understood or accepted by the masses. After enjoying the gift of psychic future predictive awareness for more than fifty years, Prophet Wildman had a deep understanding of the psychic and parapsychic experience. However, it wasnt until 2008 when he began receiving Holy subject (Tribulation) awareness as a precognitive psychic medium that he really began to delve deeper into this relatively unknown subject and explore psychic and parapsychic experiences as they related to the supernatural and Christianity.

Prophet Wildman wows his readers with first-hand experiences, both from the perspective of being Christian and of being a psychic medium, while also providing a comprehensive dissection and decoding of the Tribulation event as it relates to the prophecy.

Wildmans deeply personal experiences, along with factual statements and others first-hand experiences, provide the reader with a comprehensive read that will strengthen ones faith in Christ and Christianity, while opening up rarely explored doors to the supernatural, psychic and parapsychic worlds.

Explore the unknown with Prophet Wildman as he weaves his unwavering Christian beliefs with everything from extraterrestrials and ultraterrestrials to vampires, U.F.Os, and government cover-ups. An open mind and a strong religious conviction are all thats needed to begin searching and discovering some of the biggest mysteries of our time.

About the Author

Prophet Wildman, born in Hartford, Connecticut was a Florida resident since 1979, only recently moving to West Texas. Wildman spent much of his working years (now retired) as a Florida licensed residential design builder, but also with credential licenses in Securities and Real Estate sales. He takes pride in being both an artist and an architectural draftsman, as well.

As of 2008, having received Holy source/Holy subject messages in awareness regarding Tribulations approach, he is also a future fortelling predictive medium/intermediary with a lifetime of such on general subject and having a 100% fulfillment accuracy predictively, on more than eighty such episodes. Certainly these Holy sourced foretelling upon future Tribulation details are to be taken seriously! This book will share this informational awareness with you, and just might save your life physically, spiritually, or both. Prophet Wildman is a staunch advocate of Christian Bible-based faith, and Evangelist.

New Realities of the Twenty-first Century, Part 1: A Psychics View of the Supernatural, Parapsychic, and Religion, Including Prophecy Prediction! was born of these new awareness sent from Holy Angel and God. This book is the first part of a three part NON-FICTION.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 244