New Birth Holy Ministries Deliverance Handbook

By Shepherd Gayle Carter
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New Birth Holy Ministries Deliverance Handbook was developed to guide the saints of God in learning to stand strong on the battlefields of this world, facing the forces that test their faith in God and Jesus. Shepherd Gayle Carter has drawn together, being led by the Spirit of God, a detailed scriptural study in order to allow the saints to prepare to walk firmly in Gods Word and serve as faithful soldiers in the body of Christ.

Emphasizing constant prayer and study of Gods message, New Birth Holy Ministries Deliverance Handbook seeks to help both new and experienced believers to intercede for others and to confidently defend their faith in spiritual warfare.

About the Author

Shepherd Gayle Carter resides in Gulfport, Mississippi, where she raised three children and worked for twenty-three years as a machine operator. Now an ordained minister of the gospel, she serves as the pastor of New Birth Holy Ministries.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 168