Never Alone

By Iris Fisher Smith
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Iris Fisher Smith's stories of family, friends and health will show the importance of sticking together with those you love. She had an Italian Grandmother who in her teens idolized Bonnie and Clyde; a father who was friends with Leonard Nimoy; a mother who attended school with the Boston Strangler and more. This family provides a rich history that shaped the author's life and personality. When Life becomes challenging, this is the time we need each other the most. It is important to laugh and play together and enjoy each other’s company.

About the Author

Iris Fisher Smith grew up in Boston in an Italian/Jewish Russian culture. She comes from a large family. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends doing special activities. She enjoys music and writing. Smith has been strengthened by God's grace throughout the many challenges she has faced with her health. Leaning on God and close friends and family members has made all the difference. She is also known as a woman of prayer and faith by her friends and family.


"Excellent reading!" -Jeri R., Washington

"Great reading! Very good explanation of the history & goings on from the era of grandparents & beyond. Enjoyed getting involved with the authors explanation of her innermost feelings. Very descriptive!" -Alan O., Massachusetts

"A beautifully told story which will touch your heart. The author takes us on a journey of her life, both joys and struggles which we can all relate to. It reminds us of what we all need in life: family, friends and faith. Totally inspiring and uplifting!" -Doris G., Massachusetts

"This is a great book of inspiration. It will make you cry, laugh and wonder, how one person could go through so much and come out to be the awesome person she is today all with the belief and grace of God. Wonderful author can't wait for the next book." -Alan F.

"We are truly never alone. Heartfelt poignant and upbeat it is a story that could be anyone's. A lesson in love and history as seen from the eyes of the author. Very well written and a pleasure to read. Reading such a positive story in such trying times can be therapeutic as well." -redsox09 on Amazon


"Very encouraging with love and hope. Very inspirational, encouraging and informative! I love the history, faith and love this book shares I very much enjoyed "Never alone" by Iris Fisher-Smith" -Amazon Customer

 Amazon Customer 5.0 out of 5 stars

 "In This book there is something for everyone. For in such a time as we find ourselves in right now, with so much turmoil, its nice to have such an uplifting book to read, its hard to put down." -Amazon Customer


"A delightful read. Intermingled with family, love and historical facts. It brings you back in time. Sometimes a lovely trip, other times sad. It was one friends life accounts, with God as her driver..." -Sue S., Massachusetts

 Diana K

"Uplifting, Nostalgic, Inspiring! A life lived with an optimistic perspective on challenges starting initially with a family from two very different cultures and religions, as well as dealing with her lifelong health issues. I enjoyed this nostalgic journey through a generation of American political and cultural events. Iris: a woman of faith and who’s near death experience was awe-inspiring. I appreciated her colorful characterization of much-loved family and friends." -Diana K

"Iris F Smith has very effectively portrayed how people from varied religions and traditions come together to create a Family. It is clear that with God's leadership, all challenges can be overcome. This message is so important in our time today. Thank you Iris for such a clear and understandable message in Never alone. " -Brenda Miller

"For me, this book is a memoir that ties my family history to events as we evolved as a family from a multicultural perspective over the past century. Russian, Italian influences coupled with Jewish and Catholic traditions provided an interesting story to tell. The book is well written and well researched showcasing how we dealt with world events and notable people for the past 100 years." -Lance Fisher

 "I had the privilege of working with Cy for several years, but when Cy contacted me saying that Iris would like to talk with me about doing her audio book, I was quite surprised. I have done a lot of recordings for business videos and materials, but this would be my first venture into recording an audio book. I knew this would be a big project but did not know how big. I am grateful to Iris for her patience and help as I worked on this project and learned a lot in the process. I am proud of the final product.

One of the benefits of recording an audio book is that I had to read every word, often multiple times. Her story is quite amazing. The adage, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is certainly true for her. But, as she says continuously throughout the book, she was never alone – family, friends and God were always with her and looking out for her. It is a message that truly does need to be heard in these days of FaceBook, Twitter, Texting, Instagram and more. I know of parents who cannot have a conversation with their children except by texting them. That is really sad.

Iris shares insights into situations many of us have probably experienced and it is amazing to read how God was leading her through. I loved her description of seeing what heaven was like, at least I believe that is what she saw.

Never Alone is a great read with lots of powerful messages throughout. I pray that this book will touch the hearts and minds of many to realize that we are truly Never Alone." - Don Helmey – Audio Narrator


Published: 2020
Page Count: 446