Negro Hebrew Heritage And Enslavement

By Anthony J. Vance
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HAIL ALL YISRA’EL: THE AWAKENING OF THE HEBREW YISRA’ELITE IS AT HAND. Yehuwdah (Judah): the Negros; and Yisra’el: the Haitians, West Indians, Dominicans, Guatemalans to Panama, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, North American Indians, Seminole Indians, Colombia to Uruguay, Argentina to Chile, and Mexicans: THE TWELVE TRIBES OF YISRA’EL.

It is time out for expecting anyone, anywhere, to do anything to help us out of our BONDAGE and OPPRESSION. The system we have been detained in for nearly 400 years is not the system that will set us at LIBERTY; our FREEDOM Yisra’el comes from the Most High. The system that teaches you THEIR HISTORY of WHITE SUPREMACY RACISM is not the system that will TEACH YOU HEBREW YISRA’ELITE HISTORY: PROSCRIBED EDUCATION has kept them in power and riches and has kept us powerless and poor. We, the Hebrew Yisra’elites, must teach our own children, in our own schools, and raise them up according to TORAH; if not, our children will continue to be incarcerated and used as FREE LABOR for the OLIGARCHS and the PLUTOCRATS. We must write our own BOOKS, using our own style of writing and language, not writing according to the dictates of an exclusionary system of INJUSTICE, a system steeped in HATRED.

YISRA’EL, it is time to WAKE UP and realize who we are, and to WHOM we belong: we are the children of Abraham, Yitzhaq (Isaac), and Ya’aqov (Jacob). Shalom and Ahmein.

About the Author

Anthony J. Vance has been a registered nurse since 1985 and is now retired. He worked for several different major hospitals over the years mostly in the intensive care units and emergency room. He served in the U.S. Army with honor for twenty-four years of service to his country. He is an avid researcher of history—U.S. history, world history, and world geography. He is dedicated to the study of humanity from the Biblical perspective, using multiple reference sources: the Tanakh, Septuagint, theological documentaries, and many other Biblical sources. He has written and published three published books, prior to writing this book about the Hebrew Negro people.

Anthony is the proud father of four beautiful children and has six precious grandchildren.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 690