Nearly Naked: International Scams And Hacks, Fictitious Love, Lies & Money

By   Robert L McCuiston
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About the Book

With the advent of information technologies of the past couple of decades and more recent advances over the Super Highway, we have all become victims to one scam or another. The reader may relate to one or many situations mentioned in Nearly Naked: International Scams and Hacks. The story of scams that the author has been involved in are all mentioned within and may help keep the reader from being taken for a fool as the author was many times. Hopefully, the reader will take away an education of what to beware of and be careful of what they wish and hope for.

About the Author

Robert L McCuiston considers himself an introvert as having many friends and a social life are elusive. His hobbies include fishing with his children on a quite lake or riverbank and assisting in pulling in the catch to see their eyes light up. His special interests are real estate sales and investing, commodity futures trading for a business. His family consists of his wife, two daughters, and a young son. Professionally he is a licensed Nebraska Highway Superintendent, licensed Colorado insurance producer, licensed Texas insurance adjuster, and licensed Colorado real Estate agent/commercial investor.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 120