Nature Tales: The Eagle’S Dilemma (First Tale In Series)

By D. W. Anderson
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Nature Tales: The Eagle’s Dilemma(First Tale in Series)

It’s just another day in the forest for Mr. Eagle, the Raccoon family, Snowshoe Rabbit, and Mr. Beaver—or is it?

Off in the distance, Mr. Eagle sees a rather large bird suddenly crash to the ground—and out steps a human child! He find out later that the bird is actually a plane and the child is all alone. A feeling comes over him that urges him to step in and protect the child. Where is this urge coming from?

The Eagle’s Dilemma is a lovely tale about how all forest creatures and humans must find a way to coexist.

About the Author

D. W. Anderson grew up on the Captain ISSAC Davis farm in Acton, Massachusetts, which gave him the appreciation for history and nature. His passion for beauty led him to travel the U.S. and gain more experience and knowledge on how nature survives.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 30