My Journey Within

By Rick Camire
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My Journey Within chronicles the many miracles, mentors, and loved ones who have touched author Rick Camire’s life through a philosophical and sociological lens. By sharing his remarkable story and outlook on life, Camire encourages you to journey within as well: be open-minded and receptive to everything and everyone around you; you never know what could change your life.

About the Author

Rick Camire graduated from Salem Vocational High School in 1963. He was in the United States Air Force from 1964 through 1968, during the Vietnam War. He graduated cum laud from Salem State College in 1975 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology, minoring in education and philosophy.

A father of four, Camire has always been active in whatever community he found himself. In college, he was cofounder and president of a student group called the sociological society; he coached little league for about 10 years with his daughter and also was on the board of directors, even serving as president for a time. He also spent two years teaching cub scouts, starting a Boy Scout group in town.

He has spent his life learning about human nature and society.

Published: 2021
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