My Doctor Doesn't Like My Face: A Collection Of Little Stories From My Medical Practice And More

By Robert Nguyen, MD
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About the Book

Robert Nguyen, MD has traveled extensively before settling in California to open his own medical practice. His journey began in Vietnam where he began learning English and French in high school. He eventually learned German and went to Europe for college and medical school. After graduating, he was encouraged to look for a position in the US. After completing the ECFMG (Exam for Foreign Graduates) and passing the medical exam section, the ambassador’s office recommend he travel to the US regardless and learn English while on the job. They were correct, and enclosed are the stories and experiences of Dr. Nguyen’s time in the United States manning his own medical practice.

About the Author

Robert Nguyen, MD has had his own medical practice in a little town in California for forty years. He is married to his wife of forty-seven years.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 144