My Children, My World (A True Account Plus Three Exciting Stories)

By Carol Sankhe
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One womans journey from a life of comfort to the edge of tragedy spurs the realization that life moves on, while critically appraising the wisdom of having to nurture the future of ones children, despite almost cataclysmic turn of events in ones life.

Indeed, how many times do children carry the burden of family situations where their well being is suddenly compromised? Carol Pravin Sankhe, in My Children, My World: A True Account Plus Three Exciting Stories draws attention to and wisdom from such situations, weaving stories around circumstances where children are suddenly exposed to the elements of survival at a tender age.

Brace, then, for one real story, three others imagined, tied up by the common theme of children facing the blind, often whimsy, exigencies of existence.

About the Author

A native of Mumbai, India, Carol Pravin Sankhe is recently widowed with two young children. She admits that writing is her passion and dream. She also loves reading, drawing, painting and gardening. Carol belongs to a Catholic community and she is outspoken, vocal and absolutely vehement about social issues.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 56