My Book Of Poetry:From My Heart To Your Heart, With Eyes Wide Opened

By Fran Cummings aka Frannie Z
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About the Book

My Book of Poetry: From My Heart to Your Heart With Eyes Wide Opened is an awakening for each reader to recognize through faith and hope that each day we have is a gift. It is Fran Cummings aka Frannie Zs personal life journey filled with tears, laughter, and appreciation for the many people and things that have influenced her.

This collection of poetry contains her deepest emotional thoughts, as well as her concern for life and how we each live it individually. Frannie Z hopes each reader will be able to identify and know they are not alone in their own struggles. It is also intended to breathe laughter and joy, as well as to offer each reader the knowledge that we all have a different view on how we each perceive things.

About the Author

Frannie Z was born in Jacksonville, Florida. She was born with a gift of comedy and creativeness. She has enjoyed making people laugh in her lifetime. Frannie Z worked for a toy manufacturing company for over fifteen years, where the skills she was born with came to life. Entertaining friends and family at holiday parties is something she immensely enjoys.

Frannie Z also appeared on stage at The Comedy Zone, doing five minutes of material for the first time in her life. Needless to say, her knees were knocking, but in front of two hundred fifty people another one of her dreams came true. Other than writing poetry and short stories, her other interests include dancing, singing, and shooting pool.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 182