My Beautiful Nightmare

By Sara OConnell
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Young and beautiful Emily tries to get herself together after deaths took her family one by one. Near the shack where she lives is a mansion that always get her attention. It seems abandoned, and from the stories told about it, she learns it is haunted.

One night, while coming home from work, two drunken men try to sexually assault her, but a strong, attractive young man saves her from them. Her savior introduces himself as Jason, and he lives in the mansion with his sister and friends. Saying that the owner of the mansion takes orphans under her wing and gives them shelter, food, and work, Jason is able to convince Emily to abandon the shack and go with him to the mansion.

The promise of having company and a better place to live in makes Emily ecstatic, but as her feet reaches the steps of the mansion, she will soon discover that the eerie feeling nagging her bodes a darkness that will cause her misery.

About the Author

Sara OConnell is a small town girl who always wants to be a writer. She couldnt come up with good ideas, until she had a dream while pregnant with her son. In her dream, she was locked in a huge house with other people, and they were forced to perform. She figured it could make a good book, so worked on it right away. The result is her book My Beautiful Nightmare. She spend the last few years helping her parents in their family business after high school.

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Published: 2014
Page Count: 170