My Bare Feet Stepped On The Air

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My Bare Feet Stepped on the Air: Reading Cultural Symptoms through a Korean Narrative

By: Dr. Lee Kyu-myoung

My Bare Feet Stepped on the Air: Reading Cultural Symptoms through a Korean Narrative chronicles the existential experience out of the process of Dr. Lee Kyu-myoung’s individuation.

Dr. Kyu-myoung hypothesizes that the fruits of our bitter experiences are linked to the blurry reason of existence or loose aim of life seen in the colorful cultural contents such as films, music, literature, and current events. Global readers as universal intellectuals can gain some common sense and useful knowledge of Occidental and Oriental cultures with worldwide cultural theories and fall into a happy reverie, satisfied with newfound wisdom long after the last page is turned.

About the Author

Dr. Lee Kyu-myoung worked for fourteen years at BNK Corporation in South Korea as a boy householder. After having worked at the bank for many years, too poor to attend university, Dr. Kyu-myoung joined the First Republic of Korea Army. After serving he was able to attend Busan University of Foreign Studies and received his bachelor’s and master’s in literature and went on to obtain his Ph.D. concerning an interdisciplinary theme on English poetry and psychoanalysis. Since 1993 he has taught at Pukyong National University and Pusan National University in addition to teaching cultural studies and English literature at his alma mater.

In his spare time Dr. Kyu-myoung enjoys singing pop songs, such as those by Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, and even Britney Spears, reading poetry, listening to classical music, watching films, studying paintings, and reading the canons concerning Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. He has written several metaphysical books concerned with interdisciplinary studies and how English poetry is applied to feminism, ecology, science, aesthetics, philosophy, and psychology in Korea. He has recently completed his fifth book in English and awaits its publication.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 122