Mummy, I Have To Go Potty: A Visit To Toilets Around The World

By Wilma Shine
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What goes in upstairs must come out downstairs, says Wilma Shine. Whether you are poor or rich, sophisticated or illiterate no difference between races you are bound to this relationship for a lifetime. You simply cannot avoid it. Every meal means a walk to a facility later. Whatever delicious, tasty thing goes in on top must come out in a smelly substance at the bottom. This comprehensive and delightful overview of world toilets covers what theyre called in various countries, what they look like, and how to find them. Wilma Shine discusses the special language used for toilets and their contents across the globe and through the ages; all the words are here. She is widely traveled and her personal experience is much in evidence in this book.

About the Author

Professor Wilma Shine is an Austrian who was educated both in the United States and in her homeland. She has traveled extensively and now commutes between Austria and the U.S. She began her career as a teacher, became a professor, and spent the latter part of her career training student teachers of social studies. A lover of music and history, she is retired but continues to travel.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 58