Mr. Mesey's Magic Bag

By Darrel Mesey
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The students in Mrs. Black’s class all love gym day with Mr. Mesey! After bringing the students to the gym, Mr. Mesey sets down a mysterious magical bag with Magic Rags inside. Are the rags and the bag really magic? Read on and find out!

Mr. Mesey’s Magic Bag is a delightful story for children of any age and captures learning through your imagination, positive role models, and living in the moment. 

About the Author

Darrel Mesey has been a teacher for fifteen years in an inner-city school. He has lived in a total of five states and is the only member of his family to go on to college and graduate. Several hardships in his life have led him to where he is now. As a teacher and a father, Mesey believes the most important thing in life is to help others, and that life is too short to be serious all of the time.

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