Mommy, I Am A Pacer

By Badiaa Hiresh
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Meet Abigail. Abigail is a girl whos made a difference in her community by becoming a PACER, but what is a PACER?

A PACER is a person who exhibits perseverance, agility, clarity, empathy, and respect. In this collection of short stories, each book represents one of the letters of the word PACER and its attributed characteristics. Join Abigail as she perseveres in welcoming new members into her community, demonstrates her ability to make quick and successful decisions, learns to resolve conflicts by talking openly and honestly with others, and so much more!

Mommy, Im a PACER encourages children to adopt the attitude of a PACER and teaches them how to interact with others and react positively to many different day-to-day situations.

About the Author

Badiaa Hiresh is a multi-dimensional woman with a passion for writing. She began her career in the jewelry business, working in sales. She worked for a period of time as an accountant and as a manager for different retail stores before entering the educational field in 2001.

Born in Lebanon, Hiresh moved to the United States at age 25 and lived there until 1997. She now once again resides in Lebanon with her two daughters, Vanessa and Tiffany. In 2015, Hiresh published her first book, Where Is My Angel? At present, she devotes most of her time to writing and advocating peace.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 198