Moments Within My Soul: A Compilation Of Writings

By Mike Taylor
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Moments Within My Soul

Life, Love, God—we have all known the joy, pain, and anger that come with all three of these aspects of our journey.

Moments Within My Soul is a peaceful collection of writings that reminds us to never give up on Life, Love, God, or ourselves—there is always hope.

About the Author

Mike Taylor lives a simple life. He works a 40-hour-a-week job, enjoys time with family and friends, and enjoys going to Church on Sundays. Mike became a Christian early in life, but through life’s heartache and pain he started living his life his way, still knowing God was there but not living his life God’s way but his own. He lived this way for many years, thinking he had a good life, but when this life came crashing down he found himself lost and alone on a journey that was leading to nowhere (at least he thought), then God stepped in and these writings began and he led Mike back home.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 46