Mixed Nuts

By Ruth Rivera
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With a flair for style, natural beauty, and a great personality, Elaina is often the center of attentionbut she doesnt know it. She has always been the good girl, dating the same guy straight through high school.

Realizing she is not in love with Craig, she begins dating Chris, a handsome half-Cuban man a few years older than her. Chris, being the beautiful, mysterious man he is, gets caught off-guard as he re-enters Elainas life.

The two of them together are mixed nuts, both coming from mixed ethnic backgrounds - they fall madly in love.

Then a near-fatal accident leaves Elaina with some injuries and puts Chris in a coma, putting their plans for marriage and starting a family on hold. Elaina desperately clings to the hope that Chris will come out of his coma, and she finds herself lost and confused.

Meanwhile Craig, her high school boyfriend, starts coming around more to comfort her, causing Elaina to begin to wonder if waiting for Chris is a dead-end road.

About the Author

Ruth is Puerto Rican-American, born and raised in New Jersey. She now resides in Florida with her husband and two young boys.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 90