Miracle Match Moments

By Flora Ann Bramer
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Keeping the Fire Burning Spiritually

Hearing God’s voice and acting on obedience, Flora Ann Bramer wrote Miracle Match Moments to help the hopeless and brokenhearted people. This book was inspired by a match, a miracle match to light our furnace for healing the broken through prayer.

Readers need to trust God and never stop believing that God will show up on their behalf. This journey is a book of expression and prayer, faith, unity, and love. We are never too young to pray for things. This book teaches the simplicity of believing in God for the small things and getting great results.

About the Author

Flora Ann Bramer is a country girl from Mississippi. She grew up playing on dirt roads and working in the cotton fields as a teen down in the Delta. She is fourth out of eight children. Faith, prayer, and trust in God have brought her to where she is today.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 30