Miracle In The Valley Of Flowers

By Patrick Luce
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In the world of a child, nothing is impossible. With perfect faith, hope, and love, the child can serve as a model for all those who struggle in life. Miracle in the Valley of Flowers is the story of one childs hope and determination. Even though he was born unable to walk, the Little Boy never gives up hope that God will heal him. The story becomes a testimony to the power of belief as the child accepts a vision of the Virgin Mary and trusts in her promise to deliver him to health. Will the Little Boys faith overcome his despair and loneliness? Read Miracle in the Valley of Flowers to find out.

About the Author

Two years ago, Patrick Luce was pulled out of sleep with the title Miracle in the Valley of Flowers thundering in his head. Upon waking, he had not only the title of his book, but he knew the full story. Luce writes not for self-gain or even for religious persuasion but as a response to a call to spread the truth of faith. Although this is his first published book, Luce has previously written poetry and song. He shares his life with his wife, Carmen, their seven children, and eight grandchildren.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 16