Mickey The Monkey And Mandy

By EC Newall
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Sometimes we think we are too clever for our own good, until reality forces us to check our own assumptions.

In Mickey the Monkey and Mandy, a little girl named Mandy cant convince herself to stay long enough in school to listen to the lessons given by her teacher. She tells herself she is too clever to stay inside, so she sneaks to the back of the school.

Meanwhile, Mickey the Monkey, who is running away from his circus, finds her there. Agreeing that it is more fun outside, they head for the park to play. They are having so much fun playing, they have not noticed it has gone dark.

Knowing it is time for them to go back to their homes and families, they decide to leave the park. There is a problem, though: The park is far away from their places, so they have to find a way back to them. Mickey has an idea: He thinks they can solve their problem if Mandy reads the signs on the streets, and he surely believes Mandy is such a clever girl as she said when they first met. When Mandy admits she does not know how to read the signs, thats the time they begin to cry and call out for their families.

Will the two new friends find their way back to their homes? Read Mickey the Monkey and Mandy and get to know their fate as well as the lessons they learn from their adventure.

About the Author

Inspired to write by her grandchildren, EC Newall is a native of Scotland and has been living there for fifty-five years. A nursing assistant by profession, she devotes some of her time in reading, walking, and listening to music. She is happily married to George William Newall. She is blessed with six kidsPamela, Michelle, Claire, Pauline, David, and Andrew.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 30