Memories Of An Old Marine

By Paul Moore USMC Retired Highest Rank MSGT E7
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Memories of an Old Marine

After twenty-one years of active duty in the Marines, Paul Moore USMC Retired Highest Rank MSGT E7 decided to sit down and write his memoir. Moore offers insight into a dedicated career during his overseas tours, and contract work he performed over the years. Moore has seen it all; from World War II, Vietnam, Korea, even the Persian Gulf. He shares his trials and tribulations, but also the light-hearted moments that come from the camaraderie between brothers in arms. Not only does Moores memoir highlight his work experience and his role in maintaining the birds in flight, but it also depicts how military air support has evolved since he joined the service in 1942.

About the Author:

Paul Moore USMC Retired Highest Rank MSGT E7 enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at the age of seventeen. After only three years in high school, Moore obtained his associates degree while serving in the military. In addition to being an experienced pilot, Moore obtained his A&P license and has been recognized for his service and dedication with USAF Air Wings and Combat Crew Wings from the Marines.

Moore is now enjoying his retirement and maintains contact with military life through his membership for Popasmoke Helicopter Group. He thanks them for using this memoir in their quarterly newsletter, and says they are his inspiration and motivation for publishing this work.

Published: 2016
Page Count: 80