Memoirs Of An American Buddhist In Los Angeles: Synchronicity Is No Coincidence

By Deborah Favorite
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Do you ever feel like you're stuck wallowing in a swamp... or that you just don't deserve to be happy... or that maybe you simply don't have what it takes to pursue your dreams? What if following an old family recipe could guarantee great outcomes for all that ails you? Would you be willing to put your little toe in the water? Even if your unhappiness seems too much of a comfort zone to try, this book is just what the doctor ordered!

No matter the intensity or vastness of any challenge, Favorite's raw depictions of her 46-year journey with her Buddhist practice unfailingly proves the proof for turning poison into medicine is in the pudding. And she happily divulges the ingredients needed to become your own champions!

So, if you're disenchanted with the same old menu, pull up a chair at the kitchen table, and take a nibble on the sweet taste of victory! It isn't always easy, but the rewards will always be magnificent... so long as we NEVER GIVE UP!

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 158