By Djamshid Nersi
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After some subliminal maneuvers by his grandfather, Antoin, a music man by heart, comes up with a revolutionary technology that enables him to visualize the sources of inspiration from any musical work. Using his invention, he chances upon Melody, Dvoraks inspiration for the New World Symphony.

Despite his demanding work in space, he finds that Melody is starting to captivate him far more than he bargained for. Searching far and wide and expanding his technology, Melody comes to life through a mysterious process that permeated even his orbiting station.

From then on, the stage is set for a deeper connection with Melody. However, their space affair turned out to be a brief one, prompting Antoin to restart a career back on Earth in search of deeper answers to the enigma of the woman.

From Earth to space again, the mystery of Melodyand of Antoindefies time and space, as well as humanitys understanding of the very nature of existence itself.

About the Author

Djamshid Nersi is an Iranian-born educator with a degree in philosophy. He is now retired after twenty-five years of teaching and currently enjoying his retirement in Norway, where he became a naturalized citizen in 1989.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 166