Matilda's Magic Wand: Dreamland Adventure

By Roy Taylor
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About the Book

Matildas Magic Wand: Dreamland Adventure draws the reader into the whimsical imagination of a little girl named Matilda, who dreams about becoming a fairy princess of the imaginary kingdom of the Happy People. The kingdom of the Happy People is relatively peaceful, but it is not the only place Matilda must watch over. After receiving her magic wand shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Matilda learns about her duties to help both humans and animals in need. She embarks on many journeys and makes several new friends along the way. Many trials and tribulations will test her strength during her voyages. Will she live up to her expectations as a fairy princess, or will her obstacles prove to be too much? Most importantly, is it all a dream or is it real?

About the Author

Born and raised in England, Roy Taylors inspiration to write this childrens story came from a little girl he knows named Matilda, who is always daydreaming. He is the proud father of four children and is a member of the Combined Services Club. His hobbies and interests include walking for charity, writing poetry, reading, and fundraising for charity.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 36