Making Your Own Accessories And Jewelry

By Gitte Blass
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Making Your Own Accessory Jewelry

Have you ever been stuck without the perfect accessory and left feeling like your outfit was incomplete? Wish you could make your own perfect accessories? Making Unique Accessories and Jewelry offers simple designs and easy-to-follow tips for creating and transforming new and used materials into one-of-a-kind fashion. Covering everything from handbags to belts, collars to cuffs, Making Your Own Accessories and Jewelry will help you on your way to designing your own clutch, brooch, or scarf—no expertise necessary.

About the Author

Gitte Blass is an artist living in the Soho district of Manhattan. First educated in painting, she ventured into oil painting, which has been her passion for many years, only lately interrupted by sewing and embroidery. Taught at an early age by her mother and grandmother, both of whom embroidered, sewed, and knitted, Gitte has been developing her own fashion designs inspired by the creativity and couture of her neighborhood. She has worked closely with designer Rachel Hearne, and she delights in the opportunity to play with combinations of texture and color.

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Published: 2017
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