Making Partnership Choices

By Caesar Rondina
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About the Book

Why do relationships fail or succeed? Why do we make the wrong choices? Why do we go back to bad relationships? And how can we fix the good ones? Making Partnership Choices performs an in-depth examination of the choices we make when finding a partner and maintaining a relationship. This progressive novel details the many reasons why things happen the way they do, evaluating our human drives that push us to make our decisions. It can help you, the reader, identify these elements and guide you into making better choices. With clear, actionable steps, Making Partnership Choices empowers you to have better, more successful relationships, to break free of problematic habits, and to find your true happiness.

About the Author

With over 35 years experience working in the public health care system, Caesar Rondina has helped thousands of people navigate various challenges in their lives, many of which were life-or-death situations. His experiences and education provide him with valuable insight about the world around him and how people interact with one another.

His passions include writing, business, education, boating, medicine, and his family. He has completed extensive studies in the fields of electronics, medicine, and boating. Born in New England, he has attended universities in the fields of Education and Business Management. His accomplishments include being a business owner, successful firefighter and licensed paramedic, as well as being a successful musician.

Caesar Rondina continues to work as a paramedic and educator to this day, while exploring his passion for human psychology and writing.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 312