Maiden Fury

By Anibal Rodriguez Lopez
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Against the backdrop of New York City, a high stakes drama comes your way.

Jenny Mendez is living in her perfect world with her husband and their two young children. He is of the highly successful Wall Street elite, she the follower believing in her husband. When the children are abducted, her mother is left for dead and her husband arrested as the gangster he really is, Jenny’s all perfect world comes crashing down.

Crushed to the depths of her soul, she must now attempt to find the prominence in her indomitable spirit and unshakable will, there to face the very

precipice of her own death.

It is her maiden voyage.

It is her Maiden Fury.

About the Author

Anibal Rodriguez Lopez is an author

and poet residing in Puerto Rico.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 186