Made In America

By Chad Kyles
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About the Book

Technology has changed a lot in the life of men.

Nowadays, people can do almost everything with technology: Communication is faster and easier; life has become more controlled; unimaginable things can now be virtually experienced; gadgets and machines help us perform beyond our capacities; and a lot more.

Chad Kyles offers four stories with premise on technology, the latest ones most people cannot live without, such as the Internet, Facebook, video games, and machines.

In these stories, you will see how certain things remain unchangedand unchangeabledespite the rapid whirlwind of technological development that huge companies lay out on us. Interestingly, you will have a glimpse of the future of gaming; how games can give humans a palpable feeling of reality.

Made in America, by Chad Kyles, is a work that visualizes the world and some aspects of our lives in the year 2030.

About the Author

After graduating from Lincoln Park High School with an International Baccalaureate diploma, Chad Kyles enrolled into Stanford University with the intent to pursue medicine. But it was the English department where he felt most at home, with his first fiction writing teacher prompting Chad to add the Creative Writing minor. With only two quarters remaining before completion of a Science, Technology and Society major and honors thesis, Chad took the biggest gamble of his life- leaving Stanford sans undergraduate degree and dedicating himself to writing fiction and screenplays full time.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 84