Luger Remington

By Ken Blanton
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Luger Remington: Private Investigator is a collection of cases that Luger solves with Mary Lu Dimple’s assistance. They solve each missing person case at a fast pace while dodging bullets and surviving being chased in their vehicle by the bad guys close behind. You will find yourself on the edge of your seat while following them through each case with the bad guys appearing with guns hanging out the windows of their vehicles with bullets flying as they chase Luger and Mary Lu’s vehicle through the streets and roads of several states. They solve their cases while dodging most of the bullets and retrieve their missing persons from certain mortal danger.

About the Author

Ken Blanton was born in Ohio and spent most of his life traveling the country, working heavy construction projects. A large part of his life was spent in Florida. He currently resides in the country on his small farm, close to Bowling Green, Kentucky. He writes his novels and children’s books at his home. He also enjoys restoring antique vehicles, painting landscapes, wood carving and gardening, and has several other hobbies. He has written several books and published five to date. This is the first book of the Luger Remington series that introduces the characters and their exciting adventures they experience as they locate missing persons they are employed to find, while the bad guys attempt to stop them. He has used his childhood experiences to create his children's book series. He also has written several technical and engineering procedures and manuals.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 86