Love's Fall: Heart's Avenged

By Veronica DeMott
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About the Book

Abaline moves to the small town of Loves Fall seeking a life of peace, quiet and uneventful contentment. But like the waterfall from which this seemingly idyllic village takes its name, she is soon caught in a swirl of mystery, past lives and strange dreams. The outcome is a cascade of emotionjoy, love, fear and desirewhich threatens to overwhelm her. Be forewarned, dear Reader, that you are about to encounter a book-experience unlike any other: shattering in its impact, and impossible to interrupt. Be careful, hold on tight! You are standing very close to Loves Fall.

About the Author

Veronica DeMott is a wife, a mother, and a college graduate with a degree in psychology. After spending years in school, she discovered her greatest passion was for writing. A Christian by birth and a scientist by education, DeMott is believer in the power of faith, kindness, and hard work. All lives have value.

DeMotts hobbies include painting, sketching, sewing, craft projects, and science experiments. She spends every possibly moment with her beloved family.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 94