Little Rabbit And Sasquatch

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Kelly Ann Dunlop

Join Little Rabbits adventure in the Pacific Coast of North America as she reveals the story of the giant, hairy man, Sasquatch.

Little Rabbit and Sasquatch, a folktale by Kelly Ann Dunlop, has comprehensive practice and exercises content that helps increase students reading comprehension skills, grammar, and vocabulary.

Enjoy learning English together with Little Rabbit and the Sasquatch.

About the Author

Kelly Ann Dunlop was born and raised in Canada. She graduated at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, with degrees in sociology and history. She finished her post-graduate studies at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario. She works for Passionist Pacific Asian Conference (PASPAC), where she is given the chance to teach in different parts of Asia. After two years of teaching in South Korea, she is now assigned in the Philippines.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 40